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Recent work added to the website.

Weston Hall Sculptural railings installed.

Fabulous Up-lit sculptures finnished.


For my custom damascus kitchen knives please go to www.catchesidecutlery.com 

“I work mainly to commission as I find the challenges and variety of work I am asked to design and produce very exciting, from pure sculpture pieces to unique architectural features”.

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William Catcheside, AWCB, Artist Blacksmith.
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William Catcheside AWCB- The Artist- Born Gloucester 1977
William Originally studied blacksmithing at Herefordshire College of technology.
“Even at college I had a very clear vision of being a self-employed artist blacksmith. During the course I made my first workshop in my parents barn. After completing the course I took on small commissions, the largest at this time being a substantial water dragon weather vein”.
For the following years I worked for a number of different people, Blacksmiths and fabricators to gain practical experience of making and installing work.
I have always been design driven and the process of working with a customer to achieve something special was something I missed.
    I set up the complete forge; in Hereford on the Wye valley reclamation site in may 2005.
“I work closely with my customers to achieve unique designs. My style in metal is very influenced by the arts and crafts movement, simple elegance. I also take my influence directly from the site, landscape and people surrounding it. I like to see each project as an individual piece of art”.
Recent achievements have been;
  • Awarded a Diploma of Merrit on the 16th of October 2008. Presented by the court of the Worshipful Company of Blacksmiths in the city of London. This stamp of quality blacksmithing allows me the letters AWCB after my name.
  • Winner of Exhibition; international Blacksmithing Conference at Ironbridge. 
  • Completing a large Gothic Porch commissioned for the grounds of Newstead Abbey, see images.  
I hope you enjoy my website and see the benefits in commissioning quality work and design.